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I’ve recently converted from an Android to an iPhone, and with the new phone comes new apps to explore! It seems these days I am using my phone as more of an all-in-one communication and lifestyle device, rather than for making calls. When it comes to travel – even if it’s just exploring around my home city – there are a few tools that I find valuable and fun to carry in my pocket. Here’s a snapshot of this growing list of app tools that make my life just a little more fun:

1. Yelp

I love opinions and reviews. I am always checking in on the thoughts of my neighbors and fellow travelers for restaurant ideas, museum ideas, etc. I find that the reviews usually average out to be true – solid reviews equal a solid experience.  The Yelp app is an easy way to search out foods, fun, shopping and more. I love the apps “nearby” feature, which accesses my location (with my permission) and offers tips on everything from an afternoon snack option to the best park to take an evening stroll. This is a helpful app to use when you land at a hotel in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or if you are just looking for a new place to sip coffee on your lunch break.

Yelp app is available on Android and iOS


2. Google Drivephoto

I do have a home office, but much of the time my office is out on the road, while travelling to put together Fringe Benefits! Thanks to Google Drive, everything I need from my home office travels with me on the road – and is accessible from any computer and any device (my phone, tablet, laptop). Google Drive is a central hub, or portal, for all of my spreadsheets, notes, documents and schedules. Every time I make an edit, Google Drive automatically updates and saves the changes. Then, when I need to access this information from my phone, I call up the Google Drive app, make changes and share documents all in one place. This is a great productivity app and makes it easy to travel without forgetting to transfer important notes and files.

Google Drive app is available on Android and iOS


3. Accuweather

I love weather. I love radar. I love to check the radar – often. This weird obsession probably developed from growing up in Western New York State and spending much time in the Adirondack Mountains. The weather changes, a lot. It’s very common to swing 30 degrees in a 24 hour period, and experience everything from hail to sunshine to snow in one day. I love the drama of the weather. With Accuweather’s app, I can see the radar and update it frequently. I can plan the best days for outdoor activities, and track weather in multiple cities and countries of interest. If you are a weather junkie like, me download this app!

Accuweather app is available on Android and iOS


4. Packing Pro

iPhone-screencapture-PackingPro-2013I love lists and organization, especially when it comes to travel. I’ve developed a few basic go-to lists for various types of travel and use as a reference when I am packing up. This app now stores those lists, and does some of the thinking for me. You enter some basic information about your trip, and it develops a sample list that you then customize from there. I appreciate that the app adds some obvious-but-often-forgotten items like “take out garbage” and “charge batteries” to your list. The suggestions go well beyond the basics and assure you’ll leave home ready and prepped for a good adventure.

Packing Pro is available on iOS



5. InstaCollage & Instaframe

When I’m out and about, I love to take and share photos. Here are two ideas to bring some fun and creativity to your phone. Both offer collage ideas, framing tools, photos effects and color options for your photos. Tweak as you like, then upload and share to Instagram. I also like the option to save as an image on my phone for sharing, e-mailing or printing at a later time.

InstaCollage and Instaframe are available on Android and iOS

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