Come Along!

Let’s get out and explore the Fringe!2014-03-03 Botanical Gardens Fringe (57)

Americans have always had a desire to discover and experience. We want to go beyond our limits and explore our frontiers. We seek and ask questions.

Have you ever been curious about that castle-like structure up on the hill near your home city? Or how about that beautiful state park you heard about from a fellow business traveler? Did you know about the amazing ice wine being made just a short drive from your weekend hotel?

It is in this spirit of going beyond the boundaries that I created Fringe Benefits, providing the answers to every day curiosities and an outlet to the adventurer in all of us. The series takes exploration and wraps it into an approachable package, offering fun and memorable information on the places and experiences in America’s back yard.

Even as Americans face tight economic times, they continue to seek meaningful travel and leisure activities . Fringe Benefits appeals to the weekend traveler, and those looking for new adventures right outside their home or destination city.

I’m excited to get out on the fringe and explore.  I hope you’ll join me!

– Katie