Summer Travel Must Haves

Happy summer and happy July! fireworks

I hope you’re preparing to head out and enjoy some summer travels and explorations on the fringe.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts more than 40 million Americans will hit the road this week! Summer travel is a time for road trips, barbeques and camping. Images come to mind of kids plunging in and out of cool water as parents relax on the shore in folding chairs. Groups gather for clambakes and hot dogs, and others fill city streets for parades and fireworks. Whatever your destination, a few tips I love might be helpful:

1. Carry snacks. This is the best way to avoid unhealthy rest stop food and keep your team happy on the road. Also, if hiking is on your agenda, it’s a safe idea to pack snacks in your day pack. I like to bring about 500 calories worth per person, just to be safe. I picked up this delicious and easily portable idea from a rafting guide I met years ago:

Tortilla roll ups:

Place in a wheat tortilla any combination of the following:

peanut butter


chocolate chips

Travel snack tortillas
Travel snack tortillas


dried cranberries

crunchy cereal



corn flakes

These can be made ahead and wrapped in foil to stow in the car or backpack.


2. Easy summer travel beauty. Whether you’re headed camping or to a 5-star hotel, the important aspect of your summer fun is the exploration, not the primping. Melissa Lorenzo, a stylist at Shear Ego Salon and Spa, offers these tips for carefree summer beauty:

– A hair doughnut is a mesh ring that easily ties hair into a bun at the top of the head. It’s a super easy way to style summer hair and keep you cool on the go. Simply put your hair in a pony tail and wrap hair around the doughnut and secure with a couple bobby pins. Easy and classic for a night out or day at the beach.

– Melissa says a must for healthy summer hair is a lightweight moisture spray or leave in conditioner. This helps protect the hair from the harmful sun and will add extra moisture after being outside.

– Another great option for extended or remote travel is a dry shampoo. This is a powder that is applied to the hair and shaken or brushed through, and allows an extended period between washings, absorbs summer heat and sweat, and is easy to carry with you.

For more information about Shear Ego Salon and stylist Melissa Lorenzo:


3. Portable water. Summer heat can sneak up and cause dehydration quickly. Staying hydrated on the road or at the parade is easy with two options I love:

–  Filtration bottles are easy to find and create great tasting water about anywhere. While these will not filter water that is not potable, they will create better tasting water from taps and fountains.

– Another great option is a collapsible plastic water bottle. These fold flat, easy to stow in a suitcase, and can be refilled every day you are travelling.


4. Extras. Aside from packing for all types of weather, bringing lots of sunscreen and maps, below are a few things I never leave home without:

– I love to have a small collapsible or foldable tote with me on all fringe explorations. If I stumble upon a farmers’ market or decide to collect seashells, I have a bag ready to carry the goods.

– A small notebook, or electronic tablet set-up, is great to jot down notes, new friends’ contact info, and jokes and quotes from your travels. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time to capture these precious memories.

– Small medical kit. Here it becomes obvious that I was a scout, and like to “be prepared.” Having a small and comprehensive kit in your suitcase or backpack does provide a nice sense of peace of mind.

Happy 4th of July! And have fun exploring the Fringe Benefits!

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