Katie’s Coming to Create TV!

Hello Friends! I am beyond excited to share the news that Fringe Benefits, my TV travel series, is coming to Create TV! Starting in October, you can catch me on Create Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST!


Thank you for watching Fringe Benefits on your local PBS station, and you can continue to do just that! Thank you to the many stations across the USA that have aired and are airing the series and now you can also catch me and all of my adventures on Create TV.

Where can you find me?  Create TV is a national television channel from the PBS system. It’s the sister station to your main PBS station. And most cable providers carry Create, AND, the best part, you can also get Create over the air in most locations with a good old fashioned antenna!

Check out the Create TV website for a full listing of stations and a map to find your station!

And the great part is, across the entire USA I’ll be airing on the same day and time! Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. EST you can catch Fringe Benefits!

What can you expect from Fringe Benefits in the future?

Lots of fun, information, and USA-based travel inspiration. I love exploring, and my goal is to inspire YOU to get out and check out some of the unexpected treasures right here in the USA! Create TV will kick off with my first season, where I surf the Atlantic, sail the Chesapeake Bay, taste bourbon in Kentucky and more! In season two, I take a ride around the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, fly with hawks, and tour rugged and wild West Virginia. And don’t miss my hometown episode where you can come along to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of my stomping grounds in Western New York State!

As always, in every episode, I’ll seek out to discover lesser-known villages, outdoor fun, cultural highlights, unique shopping, local flavor, and relaxing getaways.

So come along for interesting journeys and lots of fun! Fringe Benefits is an all-new way to think about destination travel!Indy Car Now on Create TV!

How can you get involved?

I’m always interested in your ideas! Share a comment or send me a note about ideas you have for future episodes! And reach out to your local PBS station if you’d like to see more Fringe Benefits! You can connect with PBS Stations at PBS.org

To watch the promo for season TWO click HERE

For more information on the series, including episode guides and locations, click HERE

Thank you for coming along!


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